Ink Gin was created in the Northern Rivers of NSW after a global voyage of botanical discovery.

Learning of an exotic flowering legume with curious colour changing properties, Husk Distillers set out on a journey to capture the essence of that flower in a drink.

The result would turn the most traditional spirit upside down.








 “The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.”  

– John Ruskin


For hundreds of years gin was a clear spirit. We added colour.

The colour of Ink Gin is derived from the deep infusion of petals from an exotic blue flower.

This natural floral infusion gives Ink Gin a remarkable and lustrous quality, most elegantly displayed in our signature Ink & Tonic, which changes colour from deep blue to blush pink when mixed.

Ink Gin is naturally infused with no preservatives or chemical stabilisers. Please note that organic colours don’t last forever, so Ink Gin should be stored in a dark place or enjoyed with friends.


On the east coast of Australia, nestled in the deepest caldera in the southern hemisphere, with the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Gondwana rainforest to the west, lies the small distillery where Ink Gin is produced by hand.

Here the botanicals are prepared and measured, then placed in our hand beaten copper pot still. We add 100% Australian grain neutral spirit and the purest water that originally fell as rain over the volcanic rocks of the caldera.

Ink Gin is carefully pot distilled in small batches, tasted regularly for quality, and bottled by hand.

Read more about the distillery, and our other craft spirit, the paddock-to-bottle Husk Rum, at

Ink Dry Gin

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Size: 700ml | Alcohol Volume: 43% | Standard Drinks: 24

Size: 50ml | Alcohol Volume: 43% | Standard Drinks: 1.7

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Ink Dry Gin is distilled with a blend of traditional, Australian and exotic ingredients. The flavour of juniper is complimented with native lemon myrtle, Tasmanian pepper berries and sweet orange. Ink’s crisp finish has undertones of coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, elderflower, oris and liquorice root.

Other less common ingredients include elderflower and the exotic bois bande, bark of the richeria grandis tree with its very subtle amaretto undertones.

The result is an unusual gin with a floral bouquet, citrus and peppery notes. The butterfly pea flower adds a subtle astringency leaving the palate crisp and clean allowing the unmistakable freshness of that quintessential Australian aromatic, lemon myrtle.

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Notes on Ink

Trade Enquiries

Want Ink on your back bar? Get in touch.

Australia wide you can contact the distillery directly to place an order or organise a tasting or sample. Call our sales manager Harriet on 0406 063 040 or email [email protected]. In Sydney and South East Queensland we also have wholesalers available.


Gateway Liquor Wholesalers – contact 9418 3496 or [email protected]

South East QLD & The Northern Rivers

Rivercity Wholesale Liquor – contact [email protected]u

Knock Knock Booze There – contact Leon Lechner at [email protected] 

Or direct from the distillery. See above. 


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Our signature drink, a colourful twist on the classic G&T, perfect for mixing up with friends.

What you need

  • 45 ml Ink Gin
  • 150ml premium indian tonic water
  • Australian finger limes


Pour Ink Gin over ice. Slowly pour tonic water watching the colour change from blue to blush pink. Rim glass with finger lime pearls. 

For a layered Ink&Tonic, pour tonic first then slowly pour Ink Gin, keeping the Ink and Tonic separate and layered. Stir before drinking.  

Chunky Ink Negroni

Our chunky orange Ink Negroni, the perfect bitter-sweet aperitif.

What you need

  • 30ml Ink Gin
  • 30ml Campari
  • 30ml rosso vermouth
  • Chunky orange wedges


Pour Ink, Campari and Vermouth into mixing glass over ice and stir. Strain over ice-filled old fashioned glass with lightly muddled orange wedges. Top up with chilled water.

The Bernoulli Principle

Based on the pre-prohibition classic Aviation, we named this creation after the principle of flight. Rather than a clear blue sky, we think the Bernoulli is most memorably enjoyed under a crimson sunset so substitute the traditional crème d’violet for locally grown, wild hibiscus flower syrup.

What you need

  • 45ml Ink Gin
  • 15ml maraschino liquer
  • 15ml wild hibiscus flower syrup
  • 15ml lemon juice


Chill glass with ice and set aside. Shake all ingredients and strain into chilled glass after discarding ice. Garnish with lime peel.

Inkwell Martini

The citrus notes of Ink Gin really shine in this cocktail, and the finger lime pearls pop in your mouth, bursting with freshness. Shake or stir, its your choice.

What you need

  • 60ml Ink Gin
  • 10ml dry vermouth
  • Australian finger limes


Fill cocktail glass with ice and set aside. Fill mixing glass with ice, add vermouth, stir well and strain. Pour Ink Gin over vermouth-laced ice in mixing glass, and stir until chilled. Discard ice from cocktail glass. Strain Ink Gin into chilled cocktail glass. Rim glass with finger lime pearls.

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