Must Visit: Fins Pop Up Gin Bar

Celebrating Local: Fins Pop Up Gin Bar
Fins Restaurant at Kingscliff, not 15 minutes down the road from Husk Distillery, is a fantastic promoter of local and sustainable produce. In 2015 Fins was named the most sustainable seafood restaurant in NSW, and head chef Steven Snow (Snowy) not only lives and breathes fresh produce, he has an impressive garden atop his house to prove it.

He is also quite the gin fan, and Fins has been home to a pop up gin bar this summer. ‘Gin is the perfect match to seafood, and great in summer. Picture cerviche with lime and Ink Gin and you’re well on your way!’ Snowy told us.

Fin’s pop up gin bar features a good mix of Australian and international gins, each paired with a garnish that complements the botanicals used and served with either Capi or Fever-Tree tonic.

Head bartender Jack recommends Ink Gin with Fever-Tree tonic, lemon myrtle and organic lemon peel. It makes for a unique, light and refreshing taste of the Green Coast.

Jack also mixed us up an Ink Gin Limoncello Martini, with a ring of Australian bush honey and pink finger lime pearls. The colour was an unusual and beautiful sky blue, reflecting the sweetness rather than the acidity in the limoncello. The result was a scrummy sweet and sour cocktail that showed off Ink Gin in a very different way.

‘The emerging Australian gin subculture mixes unusual Australian species and native plants and distils them into top shelf gins,’ James told us. ‘We’ve found a lot of people are switching from wine or champagne to G&T as their first drink of the night. It makes sense in our climate – nothing can beat a G&T.’

‘Ink is slightly sweeter and has a much fuller flavour than most gins. It’s also really smooth, so when people say they don’t like gin, I put them onto Ink.’
Cheers Jack, Snowy and Morgan!

Visit to book a table – after a drink at the bar, we highly recommend Snowy’s Fish (first item on the menu).

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