Masterclass: Nick Royds, Maker

Masterclass with Nick Royds from Maker, Fish Lane

As you enter this hole-in-a-wall bar off Fish Lane in South Brisbane, you are faced with an array of copper bar tools, a giant honeycomb and a backbar to impress the most discerning drinker.

Nick Royds and Edward Quatermass have crafted a cocktail list focussing on seasonal produce and premium Australian products.

“It’s similar to cooking – mixing flavours and finding ingredients and spirits that work well together.”

Their quest to use local, native ingredients has seen them craft their own tonics, bitters, liqueurs, sorbet, infused spirits, salted caramel and black garlic gomme… every ingredient in these cocktails is considered, perfected, and used with restraint.

Maker was recently announced as a finalist for Best New Bar in the 2015 Australian Liquor Industry Awards. Nick Royds is an award winning bartender, originally from South Africa. Edward took out the title of Rookie of the Year at the 2014 Australian Bar Awards.  

Maker x Ink Gin Cocktail

  • 60ml Ink Gin
  • 15ml Wild Rosella flower syrup
  • 3 dashes Bergamot bitters

Over ice, stir down the gin and syrup separately. Add the bitters to the gin.

Pour gin mix into a martini glass, over a rosella flower.

Zest grapefruit oils over the drink, pour the rosella syrup into a carafe and serve it on the side.

The rosella syrup is served on the side for two reasons. Firstly, the syrup is house made with tartaric acid and malic acid, which reacts with the gin to change its colour. By serving it on the side, the colour change can be done at the table. The syrup is also the sweetener in the drink, and each person can sweeten to their own taste. In our opinion, about half the syrup is a perfect sweetness level.

Intrigued? Head down to Maker and work your way through the rest of the cocktail list. Maker is open Tuesday-Sunday from 4pm, Fish Lane, South Brisbane.

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