Masterclass: Pete Jeary, Lester & Earl

Every month, we sit down with a local bartender who has been mixing up some inventive cocktails with Ink Gin. This month, we spend an afternoon with Pete Jeary from Lester & Earl, as he shows us three Ink Gin cocktails he’s been playing with.


Pete Jeary, otherwise known as ‘Shaky Pete’, is an award-winning mixologist from London. Why ‘Shaky Pete’ you ask? He invented the famous Shaky Pete ginger ale cocktail when he worked at The Hawksmoor Guildhall. He also makes his own ginger beer and ginger ale, and has the highest ginger beer standards of anyone I’ve ever met! But we digress.

Pete and the rest of the team at Palm Beach’s Lester & Earl have been experimenting with the new local spirit, working it into several new cocktails designed specifically for Ink.

Pete admitted to me that when he first saw Ink, he wasn’t sure about a floral infused gin.

“I’m definitely a traditionalist. When I tasted Ink Gin, all skeptism disappeared – it’s a really lovely dry gin with a distinctly Australian taste and a great colour. I knew straight away I was going to put this on the menu in an aviation.”

Paul told me that the Ink Gin aviation is now one of Lester & Earl’s owner John Dunlea’s favourite cocktails – and no sooner had he poured it into the glass, John came over and introduced himself!

Jeary has also invented the Inking Spritz and Smoke on the Water, two more cocktails that were inspired by Ink Gin.

Check out the recipes here. Try them for yourself at Lester & Earl, 1097 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach.

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