Masterclass: The Martinez

Masterclass with Jeremy Adams from Dutch Courage Officers Mess

Last week we spent the afternoon in one of Australia’s best gin bars, Dutch Courage. Boasting over 100 gins from around the world, Ink Gin is the most local on the ticket. 

‘Gin is the most democratic spirit out there,’ said Jeremy. ‘People come in who claim to not like the stuff, and I guarantee I’ll find a gin that they’ll love.’


The back bar at Dutch Courage holds an enviable array of Australian craft gins.

‘The industry is going in a craft direction. People want to try something new with an authentic story. Ink Gin is a crafty, bold and premium take on the traditional gin formula. The fact that it’s local makes it all the more intriguing.’ 

Jeremy mixed up an Inkwell Martini as well as a floral infused Martinez. The Martinez is the predecessor of the Martini – sweeter and more drinkable, although sometimes too sweet for the modern palate. Traditionally, a martinez uses less gin, and more of a sweet vermouth with a dash of liqueur, such as maraschino. If sipping on straight spirits is not your thing, chances are you’ll love the Martinez.

In Jeremy’s version, sweet vermouth is replaced by Lillet Blanc, which has more of a bitter orange flavour. This results in a martinez that is not overly sweet. The Lillet is backed up by Clement Shrubb, which is essentially an orange liqueur with a rum base, and provides a really zesty pop. A dash of absinthe gives it a kick. He calls the whole concoction ‘Sting like a Butterfly’. 



“Sting like a butterfly’ by Jeremy Adams, Dutch Courage Officer’s Mess. 

  • 30ml Ink Gin
  • 30ml Lillet Blanc
  • 5ml Clement Shrubb
  • 1 dash absinthe

Stir together over ice and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with blossom and an orange twist. 

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